Rampum huap State Election Commissioners intawhkhawm vawi 15-na Shimla khawpuia vawiina neihah Mizoram State Election Commissioner Pu C.Ropianga, IAS (Rtd) a tel ve.
He Conference hi Himachal Pradesh Governor Pi Urmila Singh chuan a hawng a. Mizoram State Election Commissioner Pu C.Ropianaga chuan  2nd Administrative Reforms Commission Recommendation leh State Election Commission Office te tih changtlun chungchang Standing Committee-in a lo pawmpui tawh Agenda a pu lut a ni. He Conference-ah hian Criminalisation of Politics, Electoral Reforms, Modernisation & Information Technology leh Election buatsaihna atana budget chungchang sawiho a ni.

He Conference ah hian State 21 atanga Election Commissioner te bakah Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India atangin Official thahnem tak an tel bawk a ni.