Two Men Inquiry Commission on Venus Bamboo Ltd case submitted Inquiry Report Volume-I and II  containing 256 pages in total to Mr.S.Hiato, Minister, Industries Department at the latter's office chamber,today. Mr. Rualzakhuma,IAS (Rtd) and Mr.K.Lalchhunga, IPS(Rtd.) had been assigned for investigation into the alleged corruption case of  Venus Bamboo Ltd. The meeting was also attented by Mr.H.Zothangliana, Parliamentary Secretary,Mr.R. L.Rinawma,IRS, Commissioner, Industries Department and other top officials besides the Minister and members of the commission.
The Minister had expressed his gratitude to the relentless efforts of the commission despite some difficulties that might have occured during the investigations.The report had brought to light certain irregularities and inconsistent management in the administration and utilization of funds in this Venus Bamboo Ltd under the erstwhile head, Mr.KK Shah. Despite some incoveniences faced by the Venus Bamboo Ltd in the past, it  had been the government's decision to run the company in the future in as much profitable way as to suit the needs of Mizoram, he said. Mr.R.L. Rinawma,IRS, Commissioner was reporting the steps and various initiatives being undertaken by Government of Mizoram. The expensive machines at the factory site laying unutilized and untended for some months would be repaired and set to working conditions in no time by Taiwanese Engineers as per the source from Industries Department.The Inquiry Commission Report submitted today was compiled into two volumes, Volume-I being the main reports while Volume-II was titled 'Statements of the Witnesses'.The Commissioner had reported that the Report had been prepared under deliberations and full cooperation from witnesses and that no external interferences had been felt in any way.Remedial measures and other relevant subjects were also discussed thereafter.