The 9th Batch of Bru Repatriation and Rehabilitation continued for Lunglei District today with the 2st Phase repatriation team departing for Mamit District from the DC Office premises at 6:30 am. The previous 1st phase repatriation conducted from 30th September – 6th October, 2019 saw 165 Brus belonging to 42 families being repatriated successfully to Dinthar, Buknuam, Chawilung S and Putlungasih villages in Lunglei District.

The 2nd Phase Repatriation team consists of four Liaison Officers - Pu Lalsanglura, SDC, Pu Lalthakima Chhangte, SDC, Pu Z. Lalthanliana Langva Asst Professor, Pu Lalthanmawia, Asst Professor. The Liaison Officers were selected after due deliberation and careful consideration, given the complexity and sensitivity of the exercise. They are accompanied by 8 Supporting Staff and 6 security personnel headed by Dy SP (Hqrs) Lunglei Pu J. Rokima, who has been tasked with overseeing the entire security and safety arrangements. 15 Aizawl City buses have been chartered to carry out the 2nd phase of repatriation exercise for Lunglei District. The entire Lunglei District team including officials, drivers, conductors etc consists of 66 persons.

A short function was held at the Lunglei DC Office Complex at 6:00 am today to see off the team after a final briefing session. Lunglei DC Pi K. Lalrinzuali, SP Pu C. Lalthanmawia, CMO Dr Thani Pachuau, and other officials were in attendance. Reverend Vanlalmuankima blessed the gathering with a prayer.

Speaking at this function, Lunglei DC Pi K. Lalrinzuali once again stressed on the seriousness and extreme importance of the exercise, and reminded the gathering to ensure no shortfall at any stage from any quarters on the tasks assigned to the District Administration by the Home Department. Given the sensitivity of the exercise, she appealed to the team to be ever vigilant and alert; and send in regular reports to the concerned officials in the District headquarter. She also appealed to the team to deal with the Bru families with kindness, patience and understanding. She also took the opportunity to thank all the officials and personnel involved for a successful 1st phase repatriation, while also encouraging them to keep up the momentum for the duration of the entire exercise.

As on date, 1886 Brus belonging to 322 families are yet to be repatriated to Lunglei District under the 9th Batch repatriation which is expected to stretch till November, depending on the weather and other conditions. For this current repatriation exercise, as per the plan, they would depart from the Relief Camps on 17/10/2019 (Thursday), spend the night at Luangpawl, Mamit District after which they would travel towards Aizawl District spending the 18/10/2019 (Friday) night at PTC Lungverh, Aizawl District. Leaving Aizawl District the next day 19/10/2019 (Saturday), they would head south towards Lunglei District, again spending the night at Luangmual 2nd Battalion MAP Hqrs, Lunglei District. The repatriation exercise would finally end on the 4th day with the Bru families reaching their respective temporary shelters by the afternoon of 20th October, 2019 (Sunday). Even though Lunglei District has fewer Bru families to repatriate compared to the other two Districts – Mamit and Kolasib, the repatriation exercise for Lunglei is quite challenging due to the long distance involved. In light of this, the repatriation has been stretched out to four days to ensure a comfortable and stress free journey for the families. As was done in the earlier repatriation exercise, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Lunglei and team would again be setting up a Mobile Medical Unit at Luangmual 2nd Battalion MAP Hqrs and the temporary shelters.


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