Siaha Town Sanitation Task Force organized a massive cleaning drive  on plastic waste at Siaha Town, Today.

Today's massive cleaning drives on plastic waste was carried out at 13 selected  ravines and  and  sidedrains at some posh localities within  Siaha town.

Large Scale mass cleaning of plastic waste within Siaha town was deliberated upon by  Siaha Town Sanitation  Force  in its meeting held on 4/10/2019 and as per the  detailed programme chalked out in the meeting, the massive cleaning drive of Plastic waste was carried out today.

All the Departments under GoM and MADC, Schools, College, NGOs, VCs within Siaha town participated  wholeheartedly in today's Mass cleaning of Plastic waste drives. A massive crowds that turned up for Mass cleaning was divided into 13 groups  and 2 officers each were assigned to each group.Overall Supervisory works, however was handled by DC,CMO, Sr.LAO&Staff,MADC and DPO(NULM)& Staff.

A total of 2236 People turned up for today's  mass cleaning of Plastic Waste and  482 carbage bags weighing 4220kg of Plastics waste was picked up for its proper disposal.

All the departments,  Schools and college too were  cleaning their offices' complex and quarters in line with today's mass cleaning programme apart from participating in mass cleaning drives.

Standard carbage bags and gloves were provided to the masses by DPO (NULM)office. The responsibilities of arranging Vehicles was assigned to LAD,MADC and MPWD  and safe disposal of collected plastic waste was asigned to PHE department.


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