In the resumed session of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly on 26.10.2009 Demands for Grants under the portfolios of 2 Cabinet Ministers Lalsawta and Lalrinliana Sailo were voted unanimously. Demands submitted by Lalsawta  consists of  Law & Judicial – Rs. 11,19,80,000/-; Taxation – Rs. 6,99,90,000/-; Parliamentary Affairs – Rs. 33,15,000/-; School Education – Rs. 379,93,19,000/- and Higher & Technical Education – Rs. 65,96,36,000/- totaling Rs. 464,42,40,000/-. That of Lalrinliana Sailo includes Medical & Public Health Services – Rs. 272,87,96,000/-; Labour & Employment – Rs. 5,34,50,000/- and Trade & Commerce – Rs. 4,45,00,000/- amounting to Rs. 282,67,46,000/-.

    Altogether 11 members participated in the discussion and most of them spoke about quality drive in Education, Health Care Scheme and Malaria Eradication. Lalduhawma, ZNP alleged the earlier Ministry for provincialising many schools just to gain political advantages during pre election period. He stated that no one could blame each other but the party now in ruling had to start a good job right away. Another ZNP member K. Liantlinga gave more importance to research based education instead of Education Reforms Commission set up with huge expenditure. He also worried that as much as 96% of the Budget for Education Department has to be spent on salary and also wanted more scholarships/stipends in higher education. MNF member C. Ramhluna while hailing Government initiative for Separation of Judiciary from Executive spoke about more scholarships/stipends. He demanded education loan be considered by the Government. C. Ramhluna also charged the Health Department for neglecting Malaria spread in Lawngtlai area and stated that as many as 14 deaths occurred in the area.

    In his winding up speech, Minister Lalsawta reacted and clarified various points raised by the members. He stated that Education Reform is one of the top priority of the present Ministry and said since the Commission dealt with pre primary schools to university their term of office has to be extended. Regarding Education Loan it is primarily a purview of banks and financial institutions but however the Government in consultation with those banks has intention to arrange more possibilities.

    Lalrinliana Sailo while replying points raised during the discussion inform the House that Health Care Scheme will be continued as per central norms under RSVY. He made it clear that the Heath Care Scheme in the earlier Ministry was thoroughly examined and many hurdles were found for which continuing the scheme has to be considered. He also stated that market administrations within the city and urban areas are being considered by the department. He also pointed out that the increasing Malaria influx during this year was due to the late monsoon rain. But however the department extended their utmost endeavour to combat the desease.

    Matter relating to cooking gas dominates most of the question hour. While replying many supplementaries arising cooking gas supply. Agriculture Minister H. Liansailova intervened and suggested that the Assembly Session has a normal practice in entertaining limited supplementary questions. The Speaker on the Chair  in consultation with the House then decided to limit supplementary question to 3 or 4 only subject to its importance.

    The Home Minister R. Lalzirliana in his reply to supplementary question relating to the so called Chiahpuam stated that 3 departments were involved in this fake investment and a large amount of Government money is trapped. The case of alleged Sub-Inspector of Police for his misbehavior at NEPA, Meghalaya need not be taken seriously and the Government will not continue to employ him  Lalzirliana disclosed.

    Lal Thanhawla yesterday laid on the Table of the House a copy of the Correction of Statement – 1(A) at 17 page of Annual Financial Statement (Budget) 2009 – 2010.


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