Agriculture Minister C Lalrinsanga visits the plantation site of French bean “Zorin” at Chemphai, which is an initiative taken under Agriculture Research & Seed Production Program.

The minister on visiting the site pointed out that the bean name Zorin in coined from the Chief Minister Zoramthanga and the Agriculture Minister’s name. he also mentioned that supplying of poor quality seeds should be avoided at all cost and the responsibility of developing good and improved variety of crops greatly rely on the youth and learned technical personnel of the department. The minister also highlighted that the main motive of the Agriculture Department, Government of Mizoram is to produce food crops self sufficient to meet the demand of the state.

The minister also visited the Water reservoir built to supply water at Lungdawh zau farms, having a width of 40 meters and length of 50 meters which is estimated to provide water to 70 hectare wide Lungdawh zau plantation.


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