Today Pu Paul Rokima, MIS, DIPRO Mamit held a formal meeting with Mizoram Journalists' Association, Mamit District to kick start the beginning of 2020 session for a fruitful year in the news dissemination in the District. DIPRO Mamit reminded the media persons, the important role they play in news publicity so that the citizens be well informed about their District development and events in a sincere and unbiased manner. First hand reporting is key to journalism with confirmation of the varacity of the news to be reported he added. As the nodal officer in the District, he urged the press persons to work closely in harmony with their nodal Department in the District, so as to serve the people to their utmost ability.

Presently Mamit District consists of 12 registered MJA members out of which 7 members are chosen as Accredited journalists with the State Government.


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