Election Commission of India duhdanin Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls neih tur chungchangah vawiin khan Aizawl DC/DEO Pu Vanlalngaihsaka chuan ama pisaah District Level Standing Committee meeting pawimawh tak a ko a. Committee member leh Election kaihhnawih official-te bakah Political Party leh NGO aiawhte an kal tha hle.

Aizawl DC/DEO Pu Vanlalngaihsaka chuan thuhma sawiin ECI-in January 2020-a Special Summary Revision neih tura a hriattir angin Pre-Revision anga tih tur tam tak a awm dawn a, hemiah hian tum dangte ang bawkin sorkar hmalaknaah NGO leh political party-te nen thawhhona tha neih a pawimawh dawn a ti a. India khua leh tui dik tak ni si, eng vang pawha Electoral Roll-ah la thun lo zawng zawngte thun a, Roll-a hming chuang mek boral tawhte paih thung a, ‘Purified Roll’ siam chu ECI-in a ngai pawimawh hle a ni, a ti bawk. Polling Station zawng zawngah elector-te tana remchang thil hrang hrang - tui in tur thianghlim, inthiarna, thutna, adt. chu ECI-in a ngai pawimawh hle bawk a; chu bakah kumina Special Summary Revision hnuaiah hian pianphunga rualbanlote (Persons with Disabilities) chu chi hnihah then an ni dawn a, vote thlak huna puih ngai leh puih ngai hran lote chu thliarhran an ni tawh dawn a; hemiah hian election official te bakah Local/Village Council member te leh Social Welfare Department aiawhte pawh an tel dawn a ni tih a sawi.

Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls neih tur atan hian a hnuaia mi ang hian ruahmanna siam a ni :-
1.Improvement in the health of Electoral Rolls in a Campaign Mode (Electors Verification programme) : 15.8.2019 to 31.8.2019
2. House-to-house verification by BLOs : 01.9.2019 to 30.9.2019
3. Improvemnet of Polling Stations : 16.9.2019 to 15.10.2019
4. Publication of Integrated draft electoral roll : 15.10.2019
5. Period for filing claims and objections : 15.10.2019 to 30.11.2019
6. Special Campaign Dates : 9.11.2019 & 10.11.2019
7. Disposal of claims and objections : By 15.12.2019
8. Checking of health parameters and obtaining Commission’s permission for final publication : By 25.12.2019
9. Updating database and printing of supplements : By 31.12.2019
10. Final Publication of electoral roll : 01.01.2019 to 15.01.2019 as decided by ECI