Aizawl Municipal Council inthlan hmasaber atana hriattirna chu vawiin khan Mizoram Gazette-ah tihchhuah a ni a, chuh tumte tan hming thehluh hun leh inthlan chungchanga hriattur pawimawh te chu a hnuaia mi ang hi a ni :-
1.    Hming thehluh theih hun                                : 11th October, 2010 thleng
    (Last Date of filing Nomination Papers)

2.    Nomination Paper endik hun                            : 12th October, 2010
    (Scrutiny of Nomination Papers)

3.    Inhnuhdawh theihna hun                                : 14th October, 2010 thleng
    (Last Date of withdrawal of Candidature)

4.    Inthlan ni                                                    : 3rd November, 2010
    (Date on which Poll shall be taken)                       (7:30 AM - 4:00 PM)

5.    Vote thlak that a tul chuan vote thlak ni          :  4th November, 2010
    (Date of Re-poll, if any)                                      (7:30 AM - 4:00 PM)

6.    Vote thlak that a tul loh chuanin
    vote chhiar hun (Date of Counting of Votes       :    4th November, 2010           
      in case re-poll is not necessary)                          (9:00 AM onwards)

7.   Vote thlak that a tul chuan vote thlak ni          : 8th November, 2010
    (Date of Counting of Votes in case re-poll is        9:00 AM onwards)            
     required on 4th November, 2010)

8.    AMC inthlan leh a kaihnoih hna reng reng chu ni 16th November, 2010 ral hmaa         zawh fel vek tur a ni
    (Date before which Election process shall be completed : 16th November, 2010)