Aizawl, the 25th April 2020 : Certain amendments to the Revised Guidelines issued on 16.014.2020 have been effected. In partial modification of previous Order No. B.13021/101/2020-DMR/Pt V dated 16.04.2020 and the guidelines appended thereto, the Chief Secretary and Chairperson of State Executive Committee issued additional measures yesterday which are outlined below to be enforced with immediate effect.

Amendment/Addendum to Order No.B.13021/101/2020-DMR/Pt V dated 16.04.2020

1. Under clause C, sub-clause 2(a) will be added as below:

2(a) for intra-state transportation of goods already stocked in the State, permits will be obtained from the Deputy Commissioner of the district in which the person requiring such transportation resides.

2. Sub-clause (4) & (6) under clause 'D' shall be replaced as follows:

4. Banks, Non-Banking Financial Institutions including Housing Finance Companies and Micro Finance Institutions (NBFC-MFIs) with bare minimum staff, Cooperative Credit Societies, Insurance, ATMS, postal services and blood donation camps/service.

6. Power & Electricity, water supply (including private water suppliers), sanitation & solid waste management (including sweepers and garbage collectors), essential commodities godown, LPG bottling plants and related services, telecommunication, internet service providers, broadcasting and cable service providers.

3. Sub-clause (5) under clause 'E' shall be replaced as follows:

5. Data and Call Centres, Common Service Centres (CSC), recharge facilities for Prepaid mobile connections.

4. Clause I (2) of the guidelines regarding office attendance by"other Government offices' shall be replaced as follows -

In all other Government offices, Group B, C & D employees will attend office in a staggered batch of 33% of their strength. To this effect, all Secretaries, Heads of departments and Heads of Offices (as applicable) will prepare a duty roster, and issue detailment orders immediately. The detailment order shall be used as a movement pass in conjunction with a valid identification card. These documents should be produced by the officers and staff when requested by Police and Local Level Task Forces on duty to ensure that Government servants do not venture out on those days that they are not detailed to attend office. However, Secretaries, Heads of Departments and Heads of Offices may enforce the attendance of Group B, C & D staff beyond 33% of their total strength in certain exigencies.

Further, all staff should keep their mobile phones switched on and be available to work from home on days that they are not detailed to physically attend office.

This is to ensure minimal movement of vehicles and pedestrians, and also to afford social distancing at work places and to reduce congestion in Government offices.

5. Sub-clause (1) under clause 'J' regarding "Miscellaneous activities permitted' shall include the following:

"water supply and sanitation, laying/erection of power transmission lines and laying of telecom optical fiber and cable along with related activities".

6. Under sub-clause (2) of clause J' on miscellaneous activities permitted, the following shall be inserted:

2(i) Collection, harvesting and processing of Minor Forest Produce (MFP) by villagers.

2(ii) Bamboo, arecanut, spices plantation and their harvesting, processing, packaging sale and marketing.