Finance Department chuan Budget Estimates 2012-2013 chungchang (Press Handout on Budget Estimates 2012-13) chu  a hnuai ami ang hian ansiam:


a) Receipt side : In the Receipt side of Budget Estimates, the estimated total receipt in the Consolidated Fund is Rs. 5179.92 crores comprising receipt on Revenue Account at Rs. 4796.48 crore and Capital Account at Rs. 383.44 crores.

b) Expenditure side : Gross Revenue Expenditure is estimated at Rs. 4169.71 crore and Gross Capital Expenditure at Rs. 1157.54 crores. Thus, total estimates of Gross Expenditure now comes to Rs. 5327.25 crore. It is further estimated to recover an amount of Rs. 1.00 crore from the Revenue Account and Rs. 150.00 crore from Capital Account. Therefore the anticipated actual outgo from the Consolidated Fund is Rs. 5176.25 crore.



Actually, Fund under this Account does not belong to the Government. The Government is only a custodian of this Fund. Receipt under this account is Rs. 17850.45 crores and disbursement at Rs. 17671.61 crore. Then the net receipt under this Account is Rs. 178.84 crore.


a) Revenue Surplus is estimated at Rs. 627.77 crore. Fiscal Deficit at Rs. 265.61 crores.

b) Requirements for Salary inclusive of Grants-in-aid (salary) under Non-Plan, Plan and CSS/NEA/NLCPR are Rs. 1615.64 crore, Rs. 416.15 crore and Rs. 25.97 crore respectively making total requirements for salary at Rs. 2057.76 crore.

c) Requirements for Pension charges and Interest Payments are estimated at Rs. 268.72 crore and Rs. 242.00 crore respectively.


i) NLUP is accorded top priority with an earmarked outlay of Rs. 370.00 crore against the allocation of Rs. 234.00 crore during 2011-2012 which is an increase of 58.12 per cent. As such, additional 29,861 beneficiaries will be selected during this financial year to cover 1,20,000 beneficiaries in addition to 90,139 beneficiaries already selected during the first two years.

ii)        MLA Local Area Development Scheme is proposed to be enhanced from Rs. 1000.00 lakh to Rs. 1200.00 lakh which is an increase of 20 per cent. This implies that each constituency will receive Rs. 30.00 lakh.

iii)       Approved annual plan of Rs. 2300.00 crore is allocated to the following sectors : (i) Agriculture & Allied Activities - Rs. 504.88 crore, (ii) Rural Development - Rs. 49.29 crore, (iii) Special Area Programme - Rs. 94.21 crores, (iv) Irrigation & Flood Control - Rs. 115.36 crores, (v) Energy - Rs. 97.09 crore, (vi) Industry - Rs. 93.84 crore, (vii) Transport - Rs. 335.23 crore; (viii) Communications - Rs. 3.62 crore, (ix) Science, Tech. & Environment - Rs. 1.28 crore, (x) General Economic Services - Rs. 181.49 crore, (xi) Social Services - Rs. 715.83 crore, (xii)General Services - Rs. 107.88 crore.

iv) Rs. 600.00 lakh is allocated to Lunglei High Power Committee and Rs. 500.00 lakh for five District Planning Committees at Aizawl, Champhai, Mamit, Kolasib and Serchhip. Besides, Rs. 50.00 lakh is also set aside for Sialkal Tlangdung Development Committee.

v) For the first time in the history of Mizoram. Rs. 20.00 lakh is earmarked for promotion for visual arts.

vi)       Rs. 329.37 crore is allocated for improvement of Road network throughout the State.This includes an earmarked outlay of Rs. 200.00 crore for Special Road Development Programme. The total outlay for 2012-2013 is an increase of 169.51 per cent against the outlay of the same during 2011-2012

vii)      The State Annual Plan Rs. 2300.00 crore consists of Rs. 487.46 crore as Additional Central Assistance (ACA) and the components of which are :


Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP)

Rs. 140.00 crore


Border Area Development Programme (BADP)

Rs. 40.72 crore


Roads & Bridges

Rs. 10.88 crore


National Social Assistant Programme (NSAP)

Rs. 7.47 crore


Grants in Aid under Art. 275(1)

Rs. 12.91 crore


Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban RenewalMission(JNNURM)

Rs. 100.00 crore



Backward Regions Grant Fund (BRGF)

Rs. 25.58 crore


National e-Governance Plan (NEGAP)

Rs. 1.35 crore


Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yojana (RKVY)

Rs. 148.55 crore