Vawiin chhun dar 12:30 khan Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla hovin CM Office Cabinet Room ah Cabinet Meeting neih a ni a, hengte hi rel tura chhawpchhuahte chu an ni :-

1.     Amendment of Mizoram Air & Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Rules. (E&F)

2.     'District Council Affairs Department' hming thlak leh Hna chanpual belh chhah chungchang. (GAD)

3.     Implementation of the Scheme of Revision of Pay of Teachers and Equivalent Cadres in Universities & Colleges on the Recommendation of the Sixth Central Pay Commission. (H&TE)

4.     Buhfai lei leh hralhnaa sawrkar sum hloh recover na tur leh Buhfai hralhna man tihsan a nih lohna tura Petrol leh Diesel hralhna litre khatah cess @ Rs.0.25 paise lak rawtna. (FCS&CA)

5.     Mizoram Home Guards-Volunteers-te duty allowance tihsan chungchang. (Home)

6.     CS(Medical Attendance) Rules, 1944 anga Sawrkar Hnathawkte hnena OPD Medical Treatment re-imbursement facility pek rawtna. (Finance)

7.     NLUP Grant-in-aid Rules, 2010 (Grant-in-aid to Executing Agencies and Individual from NLUP Board leh Grant-in-aid NLUP Board from the Government) neih rawtna. (Agri, C.H.)

8.     The Mizoram Energy Conservation Fund Rules, 2010. (P&E).

9.     Secretariat chhunga Department hrang hrang post siamrem chungchang. (DP&AR, ARW)

10.     Science, Mathematics and English Subject zirtirtu tur lak theih nana Recruitment Rules tum khat atan chauh (one-time) relax chungchang. (School Edn.)

11.     Sainik School leh a kaihhnawih Home Department atanga School Education department hnuaia dah chungchang. (School Edn.)
Cabinet Meeting rorel leh thutlukna te chu naktuk lamah hriatchian theih beisei a ni.


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