Vawiin khan Chief Minsiter Pu Lal Thanhawla kaihhruaina hnuaiah Council of Ministers chuan Chief Minister’s Office Cabinet Room-ah meeting an nei a. Hetah hian Agenda pasarih (7) chhawpchhuah te chu ngaihtuah a ni.

Heng zinga Passing/Approval of the Mizoram Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Rules, 2009 chu pawm a ni a. Pualreng Wildlife Sanctuary chu la sawiho leh tura dah a ni. Zirtirute hlawh chungchang Implementation of the Scheme of Revision of Pay of Teachers and Equivalent Cadres in Universities and Colleges on the Recommendation of the 6th Central Pay Commission pawh la sawiho leh tura dah a ni bawk a. Mizoram State Co-operative Service (Amendment) Rules, 2009 chu Cabinet hian a pawm a. Mizoram State Government Employees (Performance Appraisal Report) Rules, 2010 pawh pawm a ni a. LTC chungchanga Lifting of Ban on Leave Travel Concession for the Employees of the Government of Mizoram chu hun danga sawiho leh tura dah a ni bawk. NLUP chungchanga Amendment/Changes of Operational Guidelines of Selected CSS proposed for Adoption under NLUP chungchang chu hriat chinah la sawiho mek a ni.