Mamit 29th July, 2020 : Vawiin khan I&PR Conference Hall Mamit-ah District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) leh District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) Mamit District bultumin Capacity Building Programme for functionaries Under The Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act, 2015 sawizauna neih a ni.

He hun hi Dr. R. Lalrinhlua, District Child Protection Officer-in a kaihruai a. Pu Laldinpuia Tlau, Chief Judicial Magistrate cum Secretary, DLSA, Mamit District chuan Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 chungchang keynote address pein, Pu HT Lalmawizuala, Judicial Magistrate First class cum Principal Magistrate, JJB Mamit District, Pu Ronghakliana Chhangte, Chairperson CWC Mamit District, Pi Lalhmachhuani Sailo, Protection Officer (Non- Institutional Care) DCPU Mamit District bakah Pu Zoramthara, Addl. SP Mamit District-te hnen atanga naupang venhimna chungchang ngaihthlak a ni.

He Programme-ah hian Juvenile Justice Act chungchanga kalkhawm zawng zawng tan General Discussion neih niin DCPU, DLSA, Legal Aid Counsel, CWC, JJB, Childline, Child Care Institution aiawhte leh Special Juvenile Police Unit Mamit District-te an tel a ni.


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