1. E/Roll revision of Bru migrants in Tripura:

Commission agrees to proposal of state government for revision of roll subsequent to the physical repatriation and in parallel, in view of four party agreement of 3rd July between the MHA, Govt, of Mizoram, Govt, of Tripura, Bru Leaders

On review that hardly any physical repatriation is taking place, and four party agreement is not being implemented , the Commission ask for roll revision in the camps.

Roll revision process is undertaken in transit camps in Tripura in the month of August 2018.

2. Theft of Forms:

Around 5400 forms are stolen from the District Election Office, Mamit on 23/24th August night and destroyed...unprecedented anywhere else.

DC/0EO asks for arrest of local leaders belonging to some groups.

State Government recommends transfer of DC/DEO Mamit on account of L &O.

Commission accepts recommendation and transfer is done. Subsequently, Local leaders are found involved and charge sheeted.

3. Interference in roll revision :

11th September 2018 : CEO issues clarification to DEOs and EROs that Identification Slips can be used as valid documents for bonafide residence in respect of Bru migrants

13th September 2018 : Pr. Secretary Home issues order not to use Identification Slips except for the purpose of repatriation

24th September 2018 : CEO asks for clarification on this order which is causing doubts and confusion when the revision is in full swing 

No clarification is issued until 24th October 2018 (ie after one month) admitting that which document to be used is prerogative of election office.

The Commission seeks clarification from CS and Pr. Secy Home in meeting at Aizawl on 17th October 2018... no explanation comes

4. CAPF matter:

District wise Force requirement is assessed by D.C and S.P Total force required is calculated at PHQ level

Availability of state police force is ascertained, balance is projected for CAPF.

Rounds of meetings taken by CEO : request goes to Central Government for CAPF

Finally 40 Coys are agreed by MHA, GOI

Pr. Secretary Home holds meeting with police officers of PHQ

Home department seeks explanation from Dy CEO why so much CAPF and deployment details.

Found interfering into process of security management of conduct of election.


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