Champhai the 24th January, 2024 – Kumin National Voters’ Day (January ni 25, 2024) pualin vawiin khan Champhai District-a High School leh Higher Secondary School zirlaite tan “Nothing Like Voting, I Vote For Sure” tih thupui hmangin Essay Writing leh Painting Competition neih a ni.

Vawiin intihsiakna hi GM High School leh GM Higher Secondary School-ah te nghah a ni a. High School level hi Champhai District huap inelna niin, zirlai 100 an tel a, Higher Secondary School level hi Champhai town area a school 5 atangin zirlai 25 an tel a ni.

Heng Competition-te hi Election Commission of India (ECI) hnuaia Flagship Program ‘Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP)’ kaltlanga ruahman an ni a. SVEEP hi election kaihhnawih thil pawimawhte mipui zirtirna leh vote thlak pawimawh zia inzirtirna kawnga hmalakna a ni.

January ni 25 hi Election Commission of India din Ni niin, hemi Ni pual hian 25th January, 2011 khan a vawikhatna atan National Voters Day hi India ram pum ah hman tan niin kumin hi a vawi 14-na tur a ni.


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