The Chief Minsiter Pu Lal Thanhawla graced the 23rd  Aizawl YMCA General Conference and also the World Peace Day 2010 organized by YMCA  at I & PR Auditorium.

Praising the efforts of the YMCA in organizing the World Peace Day 2010 which memorialises the dropping of atomic bombs in Hiroshima on that infamous day of 6th August 1945 and he said that trouble brews in various parts of the world due to greed, hunger for power and the disregard for the basic goodness of human nature.

Recalling the insurgent years, he pointed that Mizoram did face a lot of hurdles before peace and tranquility could prevail in the State and added that peace could triumph only due to the concerted efforts of the church, the people and the Government.  Further he added that at no cost will the Government tolerate any attempt to disturb peace in the state. He called upon the people to bear in mind the spirit of peace and tranquility and work towards promoting peace and harmony in Mizoram always.

Pu Lal Thanhawla stressed the importance of hard work, honesty and dedication and urged the people to work for the progress and prosperity of Mizoram.

President of Aizawl YMCA and Transport Minister Pu. P .C. Zoram Sangliana presided over the first session of the programme, where Honorary General Secretary, Er. K Lalsawmvela gave a report and spoke about the World Peace Day. In the afternoon, the new leaders of Aizawl YMCA for the year 2010 - 2011- PC Zoram Sangliana, K Lalsawmvela, Zoliana Royte, Dr. Zohmangaiha, ZH Ropuia, Vanlalnghaka, P Lalthangzauva, Zohmingliana Colney, C Lalkhawliana, RZ Thanga, Rini Tochhawng and Dorothy Laldinpuii were elected.

Aizawl YMCA was established in 1922 by Pu Lalliana and Lt. Sapliana and was revived in 1981 by Brig. T. Sailo, the former Chief Minister of Mizoram. Presently it has 133 life members and 199 annual members.


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