New Economic Development Policy (NEDP) Core Committee chu nimin chawhnu dar 3:00 PM khan Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla kaihhruaina hnuaiah Chief Secretary Conference Hall-ah neih a ni. Meeting-ah hian Core Committee Member – Finance Minister Pu Lalsawta; Commerce & Industries Minister Pu H. Rohluna; Urban Development & Poverty Allevation Minister Pu Zodintluanga; Horticulture Minister Pu PC. Lalthanliana; Health Minister Pu Lal Thanzara; Chief Secretary Pu Lalmalsawma; Finance Commissioner Pi L.N. Tochhong leh Member Secretary Dr. C. Vanlalramsanga te an tel a, Member dang pahnih Agriculture Minister Pu R. Lalzirliana leh State Planning Board Vice Chairman Pu H. Liansailova te chu an zin avangin an tel thei lo a ni.

Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla chuan NEDP chu mithiam-te leh official ten tha an tih thu sawiin mipui lam pawh an phur hle nia a hriat thu a sawi a. Hemi avang hian uluk leh fel takin ruahmanna te hi kan kalpui a ngai a, a vilna monitoring lam te kan ngaihpawimawh , keini Core Committee te pawh hi  kan inhmuhkhawm fo a ngai dawn a ni, a ti.

Meeting ah hian NEDP hnuaia Scheme-te, Project-te leh Policy Agenda kalpui mek report kimchang chu Dr. C. Vanlalramsanga, Member Secretary/ Planning Secretary in a pe a. Schemes/Project leh Policy Agenda Core Committee in a pawm tawh te sum ruahmanna Planning Department lamin allocation leh surrender statement an siam tawh a. Finance Department in Budget Allocation an buaipui mek bawk. Detailed Project Report-te (DPR-te) thehluh leh pawm tawh te chu Administrative Approval (AA) leh Expenditure Sanction (ES) pek zel anni bawk. NEDP schemes/projects leh policy agenda te tihhlawhtlin nan hian Operational Guidelines duan Core Committee in a pawm tawh chu Department zawng zawngah sem tawh niin Planning Department website ah tarlan a ni bawk.

Meeting hian Core Committee hmasa a final theih loh Scheme-te/Project-te leh Policy Agenda te ennawn in revised proposal implementing Department te atanga dawn chu uluk taka thlir hovin a pawm bawk. Revised Proposal pawm te chu (i) Cheng nuai 100 senna tur ‘Improvement in ease of doing business and improvement in public service delivery through ICT” (ii) Cheng nuai 200 senna tur “Improvement of Internet Connectivity in the Capital City and District Headquarters” leh (iii) cheng nuai 2800 senna tur “Improvement of Referral Hospital at Falkawm” te an ni a.

Meeting ah hian kum kal mek chhunga project tih belh ngai awm thei tur thlirho a nia. Project tihbelh ngai te pawmin sum ruahman belh tur pawh ruahmanna asiamnghal bawk. Proposal/DPR thar pawm te chu (i) cheng nuai 50 senna tur “Renovation and extension of DLAO office at Ramhlun to accommodate LAD Directorate” (ii) cheng nuai 10 senna tur “Pilot Project for Early Intervention against Tobacco Usage and Drug Abuse from Upper Primary School” leh (iii) kum 5 chhunga cheng nuai 667.20 senna tur “Development of Indigenuous Technological Innovation in Mizoram through establishment of Common Facility Service Centre and Enhanced Protection of Ownership”; he project atan hian kuminah cheng nuai 186.30 lakh ruahman a ni. Mizo tawnga Model Contract Farming MOU lehlin chu meeting hian a pawm bawk a ni.

Meeting hian kum lo awm tur 2017-18 chhung atanga NEDP sum ruahman zat tur a thuphungin an sawiho bawk.

Administrative Reforms Committee leh Land Reforms Committee te report thehluh hun chu thla thuma pawhsei rawtna chu pawm a ni a, heng Committee pahnih te hian nakum January ah an report thehluh beisei a ni.