The Chief Minister of Mizoram, Pu Lal Thanhawla launched Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle at Aizawl today.

Addressing the gathering at the inaugural function held at Aijal Club, the Chief Minister highlighted the ideals and visions of the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He said that Rajiv Gandhi was instrumental in bringing about peace and prosperity in Mizoram after twenty years of insurgency. He quoted Rajiv Gandhi’s speech during his visit to Mizoram in 1987, when he encouraged the people of Mizoram to never exchange Mizo values for mere economic and material gains of development. The then Prime Minister urged the people of Mizoram to look at development as a development of the total human personality as a whole, and that exchanging one for the other cannot be considered as progress.

Pu Lal Thanhawla said that Rajiv Gandhi was especially concerned with the development of youths in the country and recognized the potential of youths towards building modern India. He said that the late Prime Minister was a visionary leader who wanted to usher the nation into the twenty first century and a pioneer in information technology. The Chief Minister hoped that the newly inaugurated Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle would provide a widely encompassing forum for knowledgeable and critical thinkers in the State of Mizoram, with its’ objectives of inspiring and uniting the youths towards realization of the ideals of social justice, secularism, inclusive development and social and democratic values.

Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle is an NGO founded in the year 2005, with the view to inspire the student-youth community to nurture and sensitize them towards the tradition of nation-buildin; following Gandhian method to strengthen the ideals and values of nationalism, secularism, democracy etc.; and  to make creative contributions in the awakening of conscious Indian youth towards the late Rajiv Gandhi’s vision of the 21st Century India. The RGSC establishes units in various states and districts of the country and also in the academic campuses of Colleges and Universities.



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