Chief Minister Shri Zoramthanga today graced the annual General Conference of the umbrella body of government engineers of Mizoram – Mizoram Engineering Service Association (MESA) at CIRA Garden at Aizawl.

Addressing the gathering of engineers, Chief Minister Shri Zoramthanga said that Mizoram has been blessed by nature, whether it is vacant land, climate, soil for cultivation of various crops, rainfall. These, he said are asset potentials that need to be capitalised and converted into usable resources which can uplift the economy of Mizoram. But to revolutionise the economy, the mindset of the people has to be tuned and changed to bring about socio economic transformation, he added.

Acknowledging that a large number of vacants posts in various Departments are not being filled due to administrative hurdles and other reasons, he said that the Government would look into the matter and try to fill up posts so that there can be maximum utilisation of manpower in an efficient and transparent manner. He also added that outsourcing in some areas could help rationalization of resources. He called upon the engineers to pay attention to maintenance of equipments and ensure that timely repairs are done so that machineries can be used till their expected lifespan.

Comparing the size of the state Budget when he first came to power in 1998 and now, he said the Budget size has grown considerably and financial resources have improved but said that resources must be used judiciously. He added that the full Budget will have adequate provisions for Social Economic Development Programme – the flagship developmental programme of the government and other crucial sectors.

Congratulating MESA on completing more than 47 years, he urged members of the association to work for progress and development of Mizoram and in strengthening the infrastructure of the state. Chief Minister also released ‘Zoram Ruhrel’ a journal of MESA on the occasion.

MESA has more than 400 engineers as members in various Departments of the state government and was established in 1972


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