Pu H.Sahlo EM (LAD), MADC graces a Cleanliness Week inaugural function held at Saiha Bazaar near traffic point under the chairmanship of Pu H.Lalhmingthanga, Election Officer, Saiha District, as Chief Guest.

Speaking at the occasion, Pu H.Sahlo said that he was not, when looking back past years, hesitate to say that the people of Saiha have made a significant stride towards cleanliness, however, he added at the same breath "I have to say that we have a long way to go considering the unclean condition of our schools, markets, offices and streets". Dwelling on Cleanliness, Chief Guest argued that to have a true and lasting cleanliness we need to have cleanliness as a habit and it must exude from within, then only we can be sure of outward cleanliness which will be sustained and powered by inner cleanliness.

To commemorate the 141st Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and auspicious inaugural day of Cleanliness week, Saiha officers' Club, in collaboration with Medical Office Saiha have opened one day free clinic camp at Meisatla locality wherein more than 300 patients were
treated. Moreover Saiha Officers' club has undertaken Social works by Cleaning and white-washing DC Office's complex and Circuit House.

Apart from doing social works in the forenoon, Saiha Officers' club, in the afternoon, engaged itself with philanthropic works by donating Rs 1000/- each to 2 Orphanages' Home, District Jail, Nursing Home and Civil Hospital. As a yearly practice, on this very day, Pentecostal Youth Department (PYD), Saiha UPC (NE) apart from engaging in social works by cleaning Main Bazaar Area, more than 60 youths donated their blood to Civil Hospital's Blood Bank for the needy.


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