The Mizoram State Government, a bid to roll out her ambitious project of the Sports Policy of Mizoram 2019 within 365 days, the state government headed by the State's Sports Minister Robert Romawia held consultation with the stake holders at Dawrpui Multipurpose Hall, Aizawl, this afternoon.

Underlining the essence of sports policy for Mizoram, the Sports Minister Robert Romawia point out the three things. Firstly, making Mizoram as the first state to make sports as a revenue earning subject. Secondly, reorganization and promotion of those disciplines recognized by International  Olympic  Committee as well those indigenously  practiced  and   regarded as culturally and intrinsically important by the locals, and. Lastly, Restructuring of the sports associations and bodies within the state.

Presently, there are 34 Sports Associations  registered and recognized by the State's Sports Department. Some of these associations are the representatives of those sports confined only within the state or played by the Mizo Tribes elsewhere.

During this important consultation a broad principles of Sports Policy were first highlighted  by the Officials from State's  Department of Sports & Youth Services. This was followed by a lively discussions and suggestions. The entire process was also recorded by the representatives from Draft Committee Sports Policy of Mizoram 2019 under the chairmanship of Mr Zothanmawia, Director, S&YS.

Vision, Policy Principles, Policy Goals And Objectives, Deliverables and Outcomes , Framework and Strategies, Infrastructure Development Integration with Education,  Prioritizing of Sports Disciplines,  Evolution of Sports Competition Calendar, Coach Upgradation and Skill Development, Incentives, Sports Tourism, Mass Media, Asset Management, Adventure Sports and Water Sports, Sports Talent Identification and Training, Coaching Camps and Non-Residential Training Coordination with Stake Holders,  Resource Mobilization and Convergence with other Schemes,  Youth Development and Sports Indigenous Games, Sports for Disabled and Old Persons, Competition Structure, Sports Science, Sports Associations, Role of Private Sector (Corporate Social Responsibility), Institutional Mechanism,  Integration with Youth Policy, and  Good Governance were some the highlights from  Principles of Sports Policy of Mizoram 2019.


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