Vawiin chawhnu dar 1 khan Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla hovin Cabinet Room ah Council of Ministers te chuan meeting an nei a, tlai lam dar 5 thlenga hriat theih chinah hetiang hian rel a ni a, a bak thurelte chu naktuk lamah puan chhunzawm a ni ang :-

1. Regional Cancer Centre, Zemabawk tana post siam tur chungchang chu pawm a ni.

2. MNF Remna Run chhuak chhungkua 70 te tana Sorkar hna pekna tur Special Scheme chungchang chu a thuphungin pawm a ni.

3. Upgradation of posts under MPRO, Police Dept. chu pawm a ni.

4. Transfer of Mamit Forest Division under the Administrative Central of Conservator of Forest (Northern Circle) chu pawm a ni.

5. Excise duty on Wine chu pawm a ni.

6. Creation of New Minor Irrigation Sub-Division at Lawngtlai chu pawm a ni.

7. Amendment / Changes of State Level Committees of CSS Identified for Convergence with NLUP on the basis of instruction from Government of Mizoram chu pawm a ni.

8. The Mizoram (Regulation & Control of Vehicles Parking) (Amendment) Rules, 2010 chu pawm a ni.

9. The Draft Mizoram Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules, 2010 chu pawm a ni.

10. The Draft Money Lender and Accredited Loan Providers Bill, 2010 chungchang chu tlema siam danglamin pawm a ni.

11. CCS Revised Pay Rules, 2008 chungchanga Cabinet Sub-Committee for implementation of 6th Pay Revision Report & Recommendation chu pawm a ni a, August thla hlawh atanga pek tan tura rel a ni bawk.

12. Revision of Pay for Mizoram Judicial Service Officers chu pawm a ni.


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