A meeting of District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) Lawngtlai was held today at the DC's Conference Hall under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Pi Shashanka Ala, IAS.

Pi Shashanka Ala stressed on the importance of disaster management for Lawngtlai District as the district is in disaster prone area. Acting before the disaster is as important as rehabilitation after the disaster, she said.

The meeting discussed various points regarding improvement of disaster management in the district. LADC and CADC were entrusted to prepare disaster map showing places where specific natural disasters tend to happen within their respective area. Besides District Disaster Management Plan prepared by District Administration, LADC and CADC were also to make separate Disaster Management Plans. It was also resolved in the meeting that disaster trainings and mock drills will be conducted in January 2020 separately by LADC and CADC.


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