An emergency meeting was convened at the Lunglei DC Office Chamber today to discuss the MZP Headquarters, Lunglei’s call for a total bandh tomorrow (10th December, 2019) in protest against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), 2019 which was introduced in the Lok Sabha today. The bill was introduced after a division of votes, for which 293 MPs voted in favour and 82 voted against. MZP Headquarters, Lunglei had called the bandh in solidarity with the North East Students' Organisation (NESO)’s call for an 11 hour “North East Shutdown” from 5 am tomorrow.

Lunglei Additional DC’s Pu David Liansanglura Pachuau and Pu R. Vanrengpuia, Lunglei Additional SP Pu Lalchhuanthanga and other officials along with MZP Headquarters Lunglei Vice President K.Lalremruata and Lalpeksanga Chenkual, Secretary were present at the meeting. 

At the outset, Lunglei Additional DC Pu David Liansanglura Pachuau appealed to the student leaders to lead a peaceful protest, and to do everything within their capacity to prevent any untoward incidents during the bandh. He stated that from the District administration side, adequate police personnel and magistrates will be deployed to ensure a peaceful bandh in Lunglei town. He instructed the student leaders to appeal to the public not to engage in unlawful behavior, and to keep their protests, if any, within lawful limits.

The student leaders stated that Duty points will be set up in 8 locations across the town, namely Hrangchalkawn, 3 Gate, Ramthar AOC, Civil Hospital Chanmari, Venglai, Rahsiveng, Bazar Veng near SBI and Zotlang. Stating that they would remain in constant contact with the District administration for the duration of the bandh, the student leaders reassured the District administration of their dedication and resolve to lead a peaceful bandh in Lunglei tomorrow. 

The bandh is slated to be observed for 10 hours, ie from 6am to 4pm in the evening, and will exempt students who have exams, Medical Duty personnel, On Duty PWD, PHE and P&E, members of the Media, newspaper delivery men, milkmen, Magistrates and police personnel deployed for duty. 



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