Aizawl, the 1st November,2021: Shri. Kesanvan R,IAS District Election officer & Deputy Commissioner, Siaha district published Draft Electoral Roll, taking 01/01/2022 as qualifying date, for 39-Siaha A/C and 49-Palak A/C, and handed over a Hard and Soft copyrepresentatives of all the political parties, at Siaha, today.

In his publishing speech; Shri.Kesavan expressed his happiness over the successful publication of Draft E/Roll and thanked all those who were involved in preparation of Draft E/Roll as well. He also firmly stated that the first step towards a free,fair and inclusive Election originated from a pure and fair E/Roll, and Draft E/Roll is the first exhaustive undertakings in that direction,he quipped.

He also requested representatives of Political parties, NGO leaders and BLOs to inform youths in their respective domains, about online registration, that those who have /will come of age (18 yrs) on the 1st January, 2022 could register themselves through online simply by visiting or through voter helpline app.

A total of 22527 voters are present in 39-Siaha A/C, and of these voters, 10803 are male voters and 11724 are female voters. whereas under 40-Palak A/C, there are 19265 voters in total , consisting of 9558 male voters and 9607 female voters.

A part from general voters,, there are 68 service voters under 39-Saiha A/C and 83 voters under 40-Palak A/C. Therefore, a total Including service voters, of 41943 voters are there in Siaha District as of now.

Dates Scheduled for Summary Revision of Electoral Roll by State Election Commission, Mizoram are as follows:-

1. Publication of Integrated Draft E-Roll – 01.11.2021(Monday)

2. Filling of Claims & Objections – 01.11.2021(Monday) – 30.11.2021(Tuesday)

3. Special campaign dates –To be prescribed by the CEO

4. Disposal of Claims and Objections – 01.12.2021-20.12.2021
5. Final Publication of E-Roll – 05.01.2022 (Monday)


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