District Election Officer & Deputy Commissioner of Siaha District, Shri.Bhupesh Chaudhary IAS published and handed over Draft E/Rolls for By-Eelction to Tokalo  MDC Constituency, to representatives of various Political Parties in Hard & Soft copy, at his office chamber, here at Siaha today.

Tokalo MDC constituency being declared vacant due to the untimely demise of its incumbent MDC Pu K.L  Bana and thereby prompted a By-Election.

Basing 1st January, 2019 as qualifying date, a Summary Revision of E/Rolls be carried out as per the schedule furnished below:

1) Draft Publication of E/Rolls----7/10/2019(Monday)
2) Filling of Claims & Objections----8/10/2019---9/10/2019(Tuesday to Wednesday)
3)Disposal of Claims &Objections----10/10/2019----12/10/2019(Thursday to Saturday)
4) Printing of Final Electoral Rolls----23/10/2019----14/10/2019(Sunday to Monday)
5) Final Publication of E/Rolls---15/10/2019(Tuesday)

Today's Draft E/Rolls Publication event was attended by: Smt. Apoorva Gupta IPS, SP Siaha, Shri. H.Zonunmawia, Election Officer, Shri. James Lalnithanga, SDO(C) Tipa & AERO , 40-Palak(AC)  , Shri. N.Vabeiratlua, DIPRO and Representatives of Various Political Parties.
 Draft E/Rolls publised today, consisted of 452 female voters and 509 male voters, totalling to 961 voters in all.


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