In view of the  Economic Census to be held in 2011, a sample survey or preliminary survey has to be conducted. The Center has selected 4 states viz. Maharastra, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh and Mizoram who demonstrated excellent performance in the 5th Economic Census held in 2005, to conduct a preliminary census during this month. A programme for the commencement of this survey was held today at the I&PR Conference Hall.
Prof. S.P. Mukherjee, Chairman, Working Group who inaugurated the programme pointed out  the importance of Economic Census which would present detailed information about the annual economic development of the country, would prove to be useful in formulation of plans by various departments. A proper cooperation would be required for  the 6th Economic Survey 2011 to succeed as it will coincide with the Census of India 2011, he added. Mr. Sunil Jain and Mr. GC Mana, Deputy Director Generals who accompanied the Chairman, also highlighted and explained important procedures essential for the preliminary survey.

Based on the sample census to be conducted shortly, the Economic Census will be held during June-October 2011.


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