Mizoram State Election Commission chuan ni 9th October, 2019 (Nilaini) khan Thuchhuah siamin, section 126-A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 leh  Election Commission of India thupek angin Inthlan kaihhnawiha ‘opinion/exit poll’ eng ang chi mah siam phal a ni lo tih a hriattir a. Inthlan zawhfel (conclusion of poll) a nih hma darkar 48 chhungah chutiang opinion/exit poll chu print emaw electronic media kaltlanga mipuite hriat tura puanzar phal a ni lo bawk.

November ni 5, 2019 (Thawhlehni)-a Sinlung Hills Council General Election awm turah pawh inthlan zawhfel (conclusion of poll) hun tura ruat chu 4:00PM a ni a. Chuvangin ni 3.11.2019 dar 4:00PM atanga ni 5.11.2019 dar 4:00PM  inkarah heng ‘Electronic Media’ - radio leh television, sorkar emaw private emaw, satellite/SDTH, terrestrial leh cable channel kaltlanga inthlan kaihhnawih ‘opinion/exit poll’ eng chi mah tarchhuah phal a ni lo.