Fisheries Minister Pu K. Lalrinliana today launched a web portal and mobile app ‘Fish-info Mizoram’ at the Fisheries Directorate at MINECO to help fish farmers connect digitally with the Department.

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said that fishing farming in ponds has been gaining popularity steadily in the last few years in the state and with the launch of the web portal and mobile app, fish farmers will be able to connect digitally with the Department which will help them in routine things like registration, reporting production and others. He pointed out that the Department’s aim is to be able to be self-sufficient in fish production and towards this end various steps are being implemented, he said. He also mentioned that the Department was undertaking a study to ascertain the viability of rearing 3 species of freshwater fishes found in the rivers of the state in ponds by fish farmers.

The portal and the mobile app was developed by Mizoram State e-Governance Society and will be an important tool for registration of fish farmers and in collection and updation of Fisheries Database.


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