The first meeting of State Steering Committee under Government of India- United Nations Development Programme (GoI-UNDP) Disaster Risk Reduction Programme 2009 - 2012 was held today at CS Conference Room. The meeting was presided over by Chief Secretary Van Hela Pachuau.

The State Steering Committee discussed the concept and objectives of GoI-UNDP DRR Programme, the DRR Programme Annual Work Plan - 2010 and the proposal for release of Funds to District Disaster Management Authorities. The Committee also discussed on issues regarding the Draft Mizoram Disaster Management Rules, the State Crisis Management Plan, the State Disaster Management Plan to be prepared by Kalinga International Institute of Technology & Science (KIITS), the Draft Mizoram State Disaster Corpus Fund and how to utilize this Fund.

Mizoram Earthquake Hazard Zonation Project and its Final Report submitted by Lalliana Mualchin Seismologist, State Disaster Response Force and conduct of mock drills under School Safety Planning were other subjects discussed in the meeting.


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