A ‘Conference on Startups and MSMEs in Food Processing’ organized by ASSOCHAM in collaboration with Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI), NABARD and Mizoram University was held at Hotel Regency, Aizawl today. Hon’ble Governor of Mizoram Shri Kummanam Rajasekharan graced the event as Chief Guest.

Speaking on the occasion, Governor Kummanam Rajasekharan said that the availability of raw materials, changing lifestyles and appropriate policies has given ample scope for Startups and MSMEs in Food Processing sector. He said that the food processing industry has emerged as one of the important segment in terms of its contribution to Indian economy and is one of the major employment intensive industries and serves as a vital link between the agriculture and industrial segments of the economy. He said Mizoram is endowed with various sorts of fruits, vegetables, and other agro-products, and there are immense opportunities present in food processing in the State. He highlighted that different agro based Boards headquartered in Kerala have agreed to come and help the concerned people develop the sector. The Chief Guest said development of the food processing industry will lead to generation of huge income and thereby lead towards self sufficiency of the State. He also said the initiative taken by ASSOCHAM will act as a first step in identifying the challenges, thus providing a roadmap for all the stakeholders to work on.

Guest of Honour Prof. KRS Sambasiva Rao, Vice Chancellor of Mizoram University emphasized on the need to expose the local talent to different technologies and schemes available. He said the budding entrepreneurs would then have a sense of the industry and become motivated. He said that a proposal has been submitted to the State government for creation of a technological and innovation park on a public private partnership (PPP) mode, inviting entrepreneurs from all over the country and thus generate employment. He said the Mizoram University was willing to take mentorship on this front and guide the local entrepreneurs. He also said that Mizoram has huge potential on foods, fruits, spices, flowers and even beverages which has a good export value.

Meanwhile, Shri Chetan Vij, Assistant Director of ASSOCHAM gave a welcome address while Shri RK Srivastava, General Manager of NABARD Mizoram presented a banking perspective on different financial assistance and schemes available for the entrepreneurs. Dr. KP Chaudhary (Senior Scientist and Head), KVK, College of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, Central Agricultural University, Selesih also gave a thematic address on today’s conference.



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