The Chief Secretary Pu Lalnunmawia Chuaungo in his capacity as Chairman, State Executive Committee, State Disaster Management Committee, Mizoram yesterday issued an order for the current lockdown to be extended  for  two weeks with effect from 04.05.2020  till 17.05.2020 in Mizoram. The order is based on the Ministry of Home Affairs announcement regarding extension of the Lockdown for two weeks vide Order No. 40-3/2020-DM-I(A) dt. 01.05.2020. Guidelines during lockdown and measures to be strictly followed by all concerned have also been issued.

Guidelines to be followed and implemented during the Lockdown Period from 04.05.2020 to 17.05.3020

The Revised Guidelines and restrictions issued by the Government of Mizoram on 16.04.2020 have been further revised as below and will come into effect from 04.05.2020 till 17.05.2020. These guidelines supersedes all earlier orders regarding the Lockdown.

A. International & Inter-State Borders

1. All international borders will continue to be closed.

2. All inter-state borders which are closed will continue to be closed.

3. Inter-state exits at Vairengte, Bairabi and Kanhmun for vehicles carrying essential commodities and other items for which permission has been granted will be continue to be open. The movement of passenger vehicles is prohibited except those granted permission by the Home Department.

4. Borders(International and inter-state) and villages in the vicinity of borders will continue to be under strict surveillance.


B. Screening & Quarantine of those entering Mizoram


1. Screening of anyone entering Mizoram will continue to be strictly enforced and implemented at the screening centre at the entry points.

2. All drivers and handymen who are plying vehicles carrying essential goods and other permitted items into Mizoram from outside the state will be housed in government institutional quarantine facilities. Till the time they are involved in the transport of essential goods, they will work from such quarantine facilities without coming into contact with others; they will be permitted to go home, after 14 days post their last carriage of essential goods. During their stay at the quarantine facilities, family members and other will not allowed to visit them.

3. Drivers and handymen from other states carrying essential goods and other items will continue to work as before, cooking their meals outside the limits of towns and villages as a containment measure. They will immediately leave after unloading of goods without coming into contact with others in the villages and towns. While unloading goods, they will maintain a distance of 6 feet from others.

4. Tankers under All Mizoram Petroleum Dealer Association (AMPEDA) and  Mizoram Tanker Drivers Association (MTDA) transporting petroleum products from outside the state will stay at the dedicated designated facility at Vairengte earmarked for them after unloading the goods. They will work from this facility without coming into contact with their family members.

5. In case of difficulties and hardships enroute, drivers and handymen referred above can contact State Control Room(Toll free 1070, landline 0389-2335842/ 2335837 and mobile 9366331931).

6. People who have been given permission to return to Mizoram will undergo mandatory medical examination, after only which they will be allowed to travel to their District destination. They will be stay in quarantine at the nearest such available facilities in their respective Districts for a period of 14 days; if the Medical Board recommends home quarantine, they will be permitted to be quarantined at home.( The permission for home quarantine can be given only by the Medical Board set up in each District for the purpose)

7. Everyone who is advised to be under quarantine must register their mobile number on mCOVID-19 mobile application


C. Movement, loading/unloading of goods/cargo

 1. All goods traffic (essential goods) from outside Mizoram can continue to ply without permission. But they will have to submit a declaration using mPASS on mCOVID-19 mobile application.

2. Transporters of non essential commodities from outside the state will need to seek prior permission from Home Department using mPASS on mCOVID-19 mobile application.

3. For intra-state movement of goods within Mizoram, no permission is required.


D. Shops and Business Establishments


1. Shops, business establishments and other means of livelihoods will function abiding by all guidelines of  'Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Social Distancing' which is appended in the annexure.

2. Within urban agglomerations, shops in crowded and busy places will remain open by rotation on alternate days. Shops cannot open on continuous days. Shops next to each other cannot open on same days. This restriction will not apply to medicine shops/pharmacies and shops selling veterinary medicines. The Deputy Commissioners will make necessary arrangements to effect this system.

3. LLTFs/VLTFs will make necessary arrangements to facilitate buying of vegetables by the general public  in their respective areas.

4. Home delivery of vegetables and fruits will be allowed.

5. Public parks, picnic spots, movie theatres, gyms, spas, beauty parlours, community halls, markets, shopping complexes, malls and other public places will continue to be closed.

6. Hawking and street vending are prohibited.

7. All shops excluding medicine shops will close by 5:00 PM

8. Stranded travellers in Mizoram are allowed to board in hotels. Food services for such boarders are permitted but in-dining for others who are not staying in the hotel is not permitted.

9. Restaurants are not permitted to open but they can undertake home deliveries.


E. Educational Institutions, Places of Worship and Public Places.

1.  All educational institutions, training institutes and religious places/places of worship shall continue to be closed. However, this restriction will not apply to the normal administrative functioning of such offices.  
 2. During this period, public gathering such as marriage receptions, memorial services, anniversary and birthday celebrations, games and sports activities, book release functions, political and social gatherings and any other merriments are not permitted.  

3. In case of marriages and funerals, congregation of more than twenty persons will not be permitted.


F. Travel and movement of people


1. Inter-state travel and movement by public is prohibited, expect for those who are given permission to do so on valid important and necessary grounds.  

2. Travel should be undertaken only in emergency cases such as deaths, on medical grounds and in connection with important work related cases.  

3. For travel within Mizoram, travellers will not be quarantined if they have no symptoms of COVID-19 or have had no contact history with COVID-19 patients.

4. The movement of vehicles carrying goods within the state is permitted.

5. Movement of commercial passenger vehicles for inter-village and inter-town travel is permitted. Such motor vehicles will follow 'odd-even' registration number system for traffic movement. Registration number of vehicles ending in odd digits will ply only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Whereas registration number of vehicles ending in even digits will ply only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Plying on Sundays is prohibited. They will operate only with 50 percent of the seating capacity of passengers.

6. Buses, taxis and auto rickshaws in towns and cities will follow the 'odd even' system of traffic movement as mentioned above. They will carry only 50 percent of their passenger seating capacity. Two wheeler taxis are prohibited from plying.

7. Private vehicles plying on essential trips will also follow the 'odd-even' system of traffic movement as mentioned above.

8. Vehicles used by government servants for performing their duties are exempt from the 'odd-even' system of traffic movement.  


G. Restrictions for the general public


1. Assembly of more than 5 persons is prohibited during this period

2. No one must go out of their homes/compounds except for necessary errands and exigencies

3. Movement between 7:00 PM in the evening and 4:00 AM in the morning is prohibited. Deputy Commissioners will promulgate Section 144 of CrPC and issue orders to prohibit such movement. Such prohibitory orders will exclude personnel on COVID-19 duty and those who have been given permission of movement by the Deputy Commissioners.

4. Unless absolutely required, persons above 65 years of age with pre-existing medical conditions, pregnant women and children under the ages of 10 must not step out of their houses.
5. Anyone coming out of their houses for buying/procuring essential services/medicines or for going to hospitals must cover their mouths using face masks or other such items
 6. In all shops and public places, physical distancing of 6 feet must maintained by everyone.

7. People living in the border areas/villages are prohibited from having guests who are from outside the state/country.


H. Government Offices

 1. Health services, Police, home guards, civil defence, fire & emergency services, disaster management, civil aviation, prisons, excise & narcotics, municipal services, forest field works and technical staff of PHE and P&E will function without any restrictions( with full strength).

2. All other Government offices - Secretariat, directorates, district administrations and field offices will continue to function. All Group 'A' and B' officers will attend office. Group C & D staff will attend upto 33 percent of total strength via rostering on alternate days. Secretaries, Head of Departments, Head of Offices will make the necessary roster for ensuring office attendance. In case of need,  they can make arrangements for attendance of office by Group C & D to more than 1/3rd of staff strength.

3. Head of Offices must ensure norms of social distancing are strictly implemented.

4. Visitors to offices will not allowed unless prior permission is obtained. Such permission must be sought in advance by the visitor from the officer/staff concerned over telephone or mobile.  

5. Meetings must be avoided unless absolutely necessary. If meetings and consultations are required video-conferencing and other online modes must be used/employed as far as possible. District officers must not be summoned to Aizawl for meetings

6. In case of dealings with other Departments and offices, email and other electronic media communication must be used as far as possible
 7. All Departments must make use of Information Technology for delivery of public services. ICT Department will take necessary steps in this regard.


I. Other activities


Development activities/works and self employment activities are allowed without seeking permission. However, workers on site from within the state must be engaged no workers must be brought from outside. 'SOP on Social Distancing' must invariably be implemented and followed in all work places.  


J.Penal Provisions

Any person violating these lockdown measures and the orders hereto will be liable to be punished as per provisions of Section 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, The Mizoram (Containment & Prevention of COVID-l9) Ordinance,2020  besides legal action under Sec. 188 of the IPC.

In case of need, the Government can revise/modify the notification.