Health & Family Welfare Minister Dr. R. Lalthangliana, today graced the 14th Annual Conference of Mizoram AYUSH Doctors’ Association(MADA) at Aijal Club in Aizawl. Addressing the gathering of AYUSH doctors, the Health Minister expressed happiness at the recent creation of a separate Directorate of AYUSH and called upon all the practitioners of AYUSH to put in their best efforts towards setting up of a Directorate,that other states, especially in the North Eastern region can look up to. He advised AYUSH doctors not to concentrate only on getting government jobs but undertake research and further studies in AYUSH.

Speaking about the State Medicinal Plants Board and the abundance of natural resources, especially botanical resources in the state, he opined that the Board needs to be rejuvenated and asked AYUSH doctors to undertake research in the areas of medicinal plants, which he added can have economic benefits for the state and the people. He pointed that land for establishment of Model Nurseries for Medicinal Plants in each of the 11 Districts have to be identified. He also said that facilities in the state’s only wholly AYUSH Hospital at Thenzawl will be upgraded. He also urged allopathic doctors to go research and super specialist courses, given the paucity of such amongst the Mizo population. He said this will add to the medical talent pool of the state.