Inter Departmental Coordination Committee on Registration of births and deaths met today to discuss several vital issues including the newly introduced digitization of birth and death certificates. Dr. C.Vanlalramsanga, Chief Registrar of Births and Deaths presided over the meeting which was held at the Conference Hall of Planning & Programme Implementation Department, Aizawl.

Following the new guidelines released by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the IDCC meeting decided that the new system of issuing of digital births and deaths certificate shall be formally rolled out in the State of Mizoram on April, this year. Dual use of hard copy of birth and death certificate and digital birth and death certificate shall be permitted for a period of one year i.e April, 2020 to March, 2020. The transition period of one year shall be utilized to introduce the uses and advantages of digital certificates to the general public.  

To comply with the Mizoram Registration of Births and Deaths (Amendment) Rules, 2019 issued on November 28, 2019 which has given the power of issuance of delayed registration to the Executive Magistrates, the meeting decided that Deputy Commissioner of all Districts will officially designate an Executive Magistrate to handle such matters. The meeting also took up the issue of absence of District Economics and Statistics Offices in the newly established Districts of Hnahthial, Khawzawl and Saitual. All the DCs of the new Districts shall be inducted as members of the IDCC, the process of establishment of such offices initiated, and the DC offices will take up the responsibility of handling matters pertaining to birth and death records during the interim period.