Vawiin chawhnu dar 1 khan NLUP Conference Hall ah Pu P.L.Thanga, Vice Chairman/CEO, NLUP Implementing Board (NIB) kaihhruaiin Regional Conference on Integrated Land and Water Resources Management in Hilly Areas, North East Region Water and Land Management (NERIWALM) leh NLUP Implementing Board (NIB) in ni 25.6.2014 a Conference neih tur chungchang sawiho a ni.

Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla chu Chief Guest a ni anga, NE State hrang hrang atangin leh Central Sawrkar lam atangin mithiam engemawzat an lo tel tura beisei a ni.

Hemi ni hian RD Department, PHE leh Minor Irrigation bakah NLUP Lines Department 9 te atangin Photo Exhibition neih nise tih rel a ni.

He meeting-ah hian NLUP 3rd leh 4th Phase atana thlai chinna tur khur lai tawhte chuan an trade thlanna Department District Officer hnenah thlai chinna tur khur an laih tawh thu report an pe tur a ni a, District Officer te hian khur lai tawh leh lai hrih lo an finfiah thuai tur a ni tih an rel bawk. Thlai chin hun a pelh hma ngeiin tifel turin ngen an ni.


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