Canvassing for the safety of many Mizos stranded across the country, Lok Sabha MP C.Lalrosanga today said that he has personally spoken to the governments of 20 states, in which students, various types of workers, travellers as well as medical patients and their attendants hailing from Mizoram are stuck due to lockdown. The Lok Sabha MP has also sent letters to the Chief Secretaries of these states, asking them to ensure the safety of the stranded Mizos and guard against any discrimination against them


Speaking from New Delhi, Mizoram's lone Lok Sabha MP Pu C.Lalrosanga said that many Mizos were stranded in about 40 cities/towns within India since lockdown was stamped and all flights suspended. Most of them have been accomodated in the different Mizoram Houses as well as residences of Mizos settled in these places.

Pu C.Lalrosanga voiced grave concern over some of these stranded Mizos, who have been victims of racist attacks as well as others who cannot pay their house rents and are also facing dire lack of food and other essentials. The number of these stranded Mizos is estimated to be around 600 approximately. Among these, more than 500 have reported themselves to the concerned authorities as requested.