The Deputy Commissioner of Lunglei District Pi K.Lalrinzuali, accompanied by the SDO(S) Pu Lalnundika and staff of DC and I&PR Department, set off from Lunglei yesterday to visit Chawilung S, one of the four villages in Lunglei District where repatriated Brus are to be resettled. The village, located at a distance of about 115 kms from the District headquarter Lunglei comes under the jurisdiction of the Tlabung Civil Sub-Division. As per the latest round of identification carried out by the Mizoram Government this year, 43 Bru families have been identified and willing to be resettled in this village.

At Chawilung S, the Deputy Commissioner held a meeting with members of the Village Council, NGOs and the general public to discuss the repatriation exercise and evaluate their preparedness in various aspects such as construction of temporary shelter & latrines and availability of basic amenities including ration supply, drinking water, electricity etc. She appealed to the gathering to welcome the repatriated families, and be proactive in facilitating their readjustment and integration into the society. Speaking at length about the sensitivity and complexity of the issue, the Deputy Commissioner reminded the residents of Chawilung S to deal with the repatriated Bru families with kindness and understanding.

As has been previously reported, preparations are on in full swing in Lunglei District to carry out the repatriation exercise, expected to commence from 3rd October, 2019. Construction of temporary shelter is presently underway in all the four villages – Dinthar, Putlungasih, Buknuam & Chawilung S with various Departments working overtime to ensure a smooth repatriation exercise. The on ground preparations are being supervised by the Tlabung SDO(C) Pu Henry Lalrawnkima with the assistance of respective Administrative Officers (AOs) of the villages. A team of officials headed by the Sub Deputy Commissioner in charge of Bru Repatriation Pu Lalthakima Chhangte left for Kanhmun, Mamit District yesterday to oversee the preparations at the Bru Relief Camps in Tripura. The Liaison Officers for the repatriation execise and their Supporting Staff have been briefed in detail by the Deputy Commissioner and team.

2051 Brus belonging to 364 families, presently residing in 4 Relief Camps – Hazacherra, Naisingpara, Khakchangpara and Hamsapara have been identified and willing to be repatriated in Lunglei District. Movement Plan for Bru Repatriation to Lunglei District is scheduled to be carried out in 5 batches, with the first Batch moving from Naisingpara on 3rd October, 2019. If all goes according to plan, they are expected to reach their respective temporary shelters at Lunglei District by 6th October, 2019. Subsequent batches of repatriation are scheduled to be carried out in the subsequent weeks which may stretch till 1st week of November depending on the weather and other conditions.    


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