Sub-rule (1) of Rule 3 and rule 36 & 37 of the Mara Autonomous District Council  (Election to Village Councils) Rules, 2014 leh Section 3 of the Lakher Autonomous District (Village Councils) (Amendment) Act, 2013 in inthlan buatsaih tura thuneihna a pek angin State Election Commission, Mizoram chuan Mara Autonomous District Council hnuaia Village Council thiah, member bang leh member tanglai boral an awm avangin an hmun ruakah July 20, 2015 hian By-Election a puang a ni.

VC by election neihna tur khuate chu 35- Chhaollo -II, 53-Siata-II, 66-Maisa leh 76-Ahmypi te a ni. 35- Chhaollo -II ah hian general seat khat, 53-Siata-II ah general seat pali leh reserved pakhat,  6-Maisa ah  general seat pathum leh reserved pakhat, 6-Ahmypi ah general seat 1 thlan tur a ni a. A vai belhkhawm hian seat 11 a ni.

Mara Autonomous District Council hnuaia VC 4-ah hian ni 1.1.2015 qualifying date-a hmangin, ni 2.6.2015 atanga ni 6.6.2015 chhung khan Electoral Roll ennawn a ni a. Final Electoral Roll hi 10.6.2015 khan tihchhuah a ni. Vote nei zat 648 awmin heng zinga 317 hi mipa, 331 hi hmeichhia an ni.

MADC hnuaia VC by-election neih dan tur ruahhmanna hetiang hian siam a ni:

Issue of Notification by State Election Commission - 22.6.2015

Date of Issue of Notice of Election by Returning Officers - 23.6.2015

Last Date for filing of Nomination - 29.6.2015 (upto 3 pm)

Scrutiny of Nominations - 1.7.2015 (11am to 2pm)

Last Date for Withdrawal of Nominations - 3.7.2015 (11am to 3pm)

Date and Time for allotment of symbols to candidates and display of list of candidates - 7.7.2015 (11am to 3pm)

Submission of Contesting Candidates & Printing of Ballot Papers - 8.7.2015

Date of Poll - 20.7.2015 (7am to 4pm)

Date of re-poll, if any - 21.7.2015 (7am to 4pm)

Counting of votes - 20.7.2015

Date on which election process shall be completed - 24.7.2015

Last date for formation of Executive Body - 22.7.2015

Inthlan puan a nih tak avangin vawiin atang hian by-election neihna tur VC pali huam chhungah Model Code of Conduct hman tan nghal a ni a. He Model Code hian political party, candidate, Minister, Parliamentary Secretaries, Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assembly, Chief Executive Member, Executive Members, Members of District Council leh Village Council inthlannaa inhnamhnawih sawrkar hnathawkte a huam a ni.