Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) General Election 11-na lo awm tur chungchangah vawiin khan Mizoram State Election Commissioner Pi L.Tochhong, IAS (Rtd.) chuan a pisaah thuthar lakhawmtute kawmin, inthlan kalpui a nih dan tur leh a kaihhnawih pawimawh hrang hrangte a sawi a. Candidate-te tan nomination file theih ni hnuhnung ber chu 19.4.2017 niin, vote thlak ni chu 4.5.2017 a ni a, 8.5.2017 ah vote chhiar a ni ang. Model Code of Conduct pawh vawiin atang hian hman tan a ni.

Vawiin hunah hian Mizoram People Forum (MPF) hruaitute leh political party hrang hrang aiawhte tel bawkin, Mizoram State Election Commissioner chuan MPF ten inthlan hrang hrang lo awm tawhah an thawhpuina chunga lawmthu sawiin, tun MADC ithlan lo awm leh turah pawh thawhhona tha tak an neih leh a beisei thu a tarlang bawk. MADC-ah hian Constituency 25 leh Polling Station 80 a awm a. Final Electoral Roll (30.3.2017) in a tarlan danin vote thlak thei mi 37,258 an awm a, an zinga 19,289 chu hmeichhia niin 17,969 chu mipa an ni.

Schedule for 11th General Election to Mara Autonomous District Council, 2017:
Schedule of Election chu siam a ni:-

 1. Publication of Notice of Election by SEC: 12.04.2017 (Wednesday)

2. Issue of Notice of Election by Returning Officer: 12.04.2017 (Wednesday)

3. Last date for filing Nominations: 19.04.2017 (Wednesday) (11:00 a.m
to 3:00 p.m)

4. Scrutiny of Nominations: 20.04.2017 (Thursday) (3:00 p.m. onwards)

5. Last date for withdrawal of Candidature: 21.04.2017 (Friday) (Upto 3:00 p.m.)

6. Allotment of Symbols and Display of List of Candidates: 22.04.2017
(Saturday) (10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

7. Date of Poll: 04.05.2017 (Thursday) (7:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m)

8. Re-poll, if required: 05.05.2017 (Friday) (7:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m)

9. Counting of Votes: 08.05.2017 (Monday) (10:00 a.m. till completion)

10. Date for Completion of Election Process: 12.05.2017 (Friday)

11. First Meeting of the new Council: 15.05.2017 (Monday)