Aizawl 1st November, 2021 : Vawiin khan DC Conference Hall, Mamit-ah Dr. Lalrozama, IAS, Mamit District Bawrhsap, District Election Officer ni bawk chuan Draft Electoral Roll, 2022 a tlangzarh.

Draft Electoral Roll tlangzarh tak atanga a lan danin Mamit District chhungah Vote nei mipa 35151 awmin hmeichhia 34190, an vaiin voters 69341 an awm mek a. Vote nei thar mi 66 awmin Roll atanga paih voters 82 an awm a ni.

1- Hachhek (ST) A/C -ah Vote nei mipa 12529 leh hmeichhia 12283, an vaiin 24812 an awm mek a. 2-Dampa (ST) A/C -ah mipa 9887 leh hmeichhia 9419 an vaiin vote nei 19306 awm mekin 3-Mamit (ST) -ah mipa 12735 leh hmeichhia 12488 awm mekin an vaiin voters 69341 an awm mek a ni. Hei bakah hian Service Voters 317 awmin Service Voters punna hi 5.31% a ni.

1- Hachhek (ST) A/C -a Vote nei tamna ber chu Zamuang niin Vote nei mi 1202 an awm a. Vote nei tlemna ber chu Sotapa niin voters 127 an awm a ni. 2- Dampa (ST) A/C -ah Vote nei tamna ber hi Saithah niin voters 1050 awmin Vote nei tlemna ber Zopui khua-ah voters 49 an awm a. 3- Mamit (ST) A/C -ah Voters tamna ber hi Damparengpui II niin Voters 1180 an awm a, vote nei tlemna ber hi Tlangkhang niin mi 169 -in vote an nei a ni.

Claims & Objections hun atan Ni 01.11.2021 atanga Ni 30.11.2021 hawn a ni a. Disposal of claims and objections hun atan Ni 20.12.2021 hawn niin Final Publication of Electoral Roll atan Ni 15.01.2022 ruahman a ni. Tun thla ral hma ngeiin Special Campaign dates neih tura ruahman a ni bawk.

Vawiina Draft Electoral Roll tlangzarh tak hi Dr. Lalrozama, DC/DEO Mamit chuan Political Party aiawh theuhte hnenah a hlan nghal bawk.


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