The Lunglei District Level Core Committee met at the DC Conference Hall yesterday to review preparedness for the upcoming Bru repatriation from Tripura Relief Camps, expected to commence from 3rd October, 2019. The meeting was attended by Government officials, Village Council members and representatives of the YMA.

At the outset, the Chairman DLCC & Deputy Commissioner Lunglei Pi K. Lalrinzuali welcomed the members and explained that the purpose of the meeting was to review preparedness and finalize plans for the 8th Batch Repatriation of Brus from Tripura Relief Camps. Stressing on the seriousness and extreme importance of the exercise, the Deputy Commissioner reminded the gathering to ensure no shortfall at any stage from any quarters on the tasks assigned to the District Administration by the Home Department. All the concerned Departments were requested to exercise utmost care in executing their respective tasks in order to avoid any lapses. Stating that a separate in depth briefing of Liaison Officers was scheduled for the next day ie 24th September, 2019, the DC reminded the gathering to fulfill their responsibilities with great sensitivity and care.   

2051 Brus belonging to 364 families, presently residing in 4 Relief Camps – Hazacherra, Naisingpara, Khakchangpara and Hamsapara have been identified and willing to be repatriated in Lunglei District. Of these, 187 families are to be resettled in Dinthar village while Putlungasih village will have 121 families resettling from the Tripura Camps. 13 families are to be resettled in Buknuam village while 43 families would resettle in Chawilung S village. A detailed House Site Plan at these villages, prepared by surveyors of the Land Revenue and Settlement has already been approved by the DLCC. The meeting finalized and approved appointment of 4 Liaison Officers from Lunglei Government College.  Money requirement, security arrangements, vehicle requirements, medical facilities, food, clean drinking water to be provided during the repatriation process were also deliberated upon during the meeting.

Movement Plan for Bru Repatriation to Lunglei District is scheduled to be carried out in 5 batches, with the first Batch moving from Naisingpara on 3rd October, 2019. If all goes according to plan, they are expected to reach their respective temporary shelters at Lunglei District by 6th October, 2019. Subsequent batches of repatriation are scheduled to be carried out in the subsequent weeks which may stretch till 1st week of November depending on the weather and other conditions. 


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