A meeting of the Kolasib Town Planning & Development Committee was held yesterday at Kolasib DC Conference Hall under the Chairmanship of Kolasib A/C MLA who is also FCS&CA Minister Pu K.Lalrinliana.

At the Meeting the Chairman highlighted that a master plan for Kolasib Town extension and development which was prepared earlier was not put into action for the past ten years and hence much needed slight modifications due to the passage of time was again formulated and laid out for discussion among the Members.

The Chairman also said that with the passage of time the inhabitants of the town have been increasing and hence various welfare measures like well-planned town extension, road widening, 24*7 water supply, power supply, allocation of house sites, installation of CCTVs at critical points and enhancement of various basic needs needed to be taken up for the prosperity of the people. He highlighted that the master plan laid out would incorporate such action plans and the Master plan developed has been divided into 20 Sectors out of which 2 Sectors are laid out.

After enlightening the members on the purpose of the meeting and the action plans formulated the Chairman invited suggestions and opinions from the members which was followed by a lively discussion.

The meeting was attended by Government Officials from concerned Departments, Prominent Citizens and members of Community based organizations.