A meeting of senior officers relating to government court cases was held today under the aegis of the Mizoram Law Commission at the Secretariat Conference Hall, Aizawl . Mizoram Law Commission Chairman R. Lalrinawma presided over the meeting, in which Chief Secretary Vanhela Pachuau, Law Secretary P. Chakraborty and GAD Commissioner C. Lalsawta apprised the officers on the importance of legal awareness.
The Chief Secretary instructed the officers to familiarise themselves further with existing laws, rules and guidelines, which will help them in dealing with court cases involving their departments. He also pointed out that court rulings were always in accordance with law and hence, there was no need for unnecessary apprehension.

Welcoming the officers, Mizoram Law Commission Chairman R.Lalrinawma said that the meeting had been convened as desired by the Chief Minister in an effort to clear the legal problems faced by the government from time to time. In order for the law to take its true course, it was very important for senior officers to pursue the matter more dilligently to avoid any losses on the government's part, he added.

Resource Person Law Secretary P.Chakraborty informed the meeting that in accordance with the Supreme Court's order, a Committee of senior officers headed by the Chief Secretary had already been constituted to solve all inter-departmental disputes. Any department having disputes or conflicts with other departments must also go through the Commitee, and not directly to court. He also advised the officers that departments facing court cases should consult the Law & Judicial department. He also praised the departments for making all relevant records and documents available in no time to defend the government in various courts. Mr. Chakraborty also remarked on the growing trend in Mizoram of establishing Trusts, saying greater public awareness regarding legal and financial implications of forming a Trust was the need of the hour.

It was decided that a similar meeting to educate the senior officers on legal  issues should be re-convened as soon as possible.