My dear friends,


I am extremely delighted to spend my first Christmas and New Year in Mizoram as the Governor. Today, I am especially happy to celebrate Christmas and New Year with the brave personnel of the Assam Rifles. I have learned that the Assam Rifles has a rich legacy, dating back as far as the year 1835. In the course of its gloried existence, I have also learned that the Assam Rifles has come to be fondly called ‘The Sentinel of the North East’, as well as ‘Friends of the Hill People’. It gives me further delight that I am privileged to be in this august company of brave soldiers, who are truly the pride of the Nation.

The occasion of Christmas and New Year is a time of celebration. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The message that Jesus preached was one of love, forgiveness, peace and brotherhood. I am certain that these are all virtues that we are currently practising. These teachings are not confined to a particular religion, but rather have universal appeal. In a secular country such as ours, the best teachings of all religions are always appreciated. As such, let us reaffirm and resolve to love our fellow human beings, and to spread the gospel of peace and goodwill to all men.


The Assam Rifles, in particular, have been a shining example of these values in the State of Mizoram. I have been told about, and am also personally witness to the various charitable works that you have done in this State. These and your many other social activities have endeared you to the local populace. And more importantly, your thoughtful actions and peaceful co-existence have gone a long way in bringing the people of this region closer to the national mainstream. I congratulate you, and urge you to continue doing the same.

Christmas and New Year is a joyous season of giving. During this time, we must never forget those who are less fortunate than us. Christmas would be a success if we could spend at least a little bit of our time and money in order to put a smile on the faces of the downtrodden and the poor. I am sure that many of us might have done this already. To the others, I appeal to you to make the best use of your positions and resources to help others. This will give you true happiness and real joy in your hearts.

Today, I am humbled and very happy that I have been invited to spend Christmas with you. This is a life-enriching experience for me, and it is always a privilege to share in the joy of others. I wish all the wonderful people gathered here a very Merry Christmas! and a great noble humble new year. 


Jai Hind