Irrigation & Water Resources Department Minister Pu Lalrinsanga chuan Training on Ground Water Monitoring Development and Exploration Techniques chu vawiin khan CE Office Committee Room, MINECO-ah a hawng. Ni thum awh tur training hawnna hi Er. Lalrotluanga chuan a kaihruai a ni.

Minister Pu Lalrinsanga chuan Ground Water Resource Management hi Agriculture hlawhtlin nan leh nitin khawsak relna atan a pawimawh a ni, a ti a. Central Ground Water Board in a report danin India hmarchhak chhunga RD Block zawng zawng hi Groundwater Harvesting nan hmun him vek a ni, ti a a tarlang a, Mizoram sawrkar Department pawhin heti lamah hian hma a la mek zel a ni, tiin a sawi a. Training-a lokal Engineers te chuan thil zir chhuah tha tak a neih theihnan duhsakna a hlan a ni.

Training hi National Hydrology Project hnuaia buatsaih a ni a, Manipur atangin 2, Meghalaya atangin 4, Tripura atangin 4 leh Nagaland atangin 2 an lo tel a ni. Dhirenkumar Chavda, National GW Consultant-TAMC-NHP; Tapan Chakraborty, Sr. Hydrogeologist, SUO; Dr.LW Mathur, Senior Scientist, CGWB, Peter Ravenscroft, International GW Consultant-TAMC, NHP te leh midang te’n training an pe dawn a ni.

Training-ah hian a bika zirna hrang hrang- Hydrogeology and Aquifer System of North East States, Hydrogeological Survey for Groundwater, Geophysical Techniques and Suitability in respect of NE States, Types of Drilling Techniques in respect of NE States, Scope of the Development of Groundwater for Tube-Well Irrigation in North East States, Ground Water Monitoring Concept and Importance, Artificial Recharge of Groundwater, Construction of Open Wells leh a dangte neih a ni ang.