Mizoram Chief Electoral Officer Ashish Kundra, IAS called on a meeting this afternoon with representatives from all political party of the state to discuss on Electoral roll revision, which is to take place from 1st August 2019.

Mr Ashish Kundra, CEO highlight on the importance of roll revision stating that,” This is the time when the new voters who attain 18 years of age must be added, deletion and changes of voters and their details must be made so that we have an up-to-date electoral roll”. The CEO also pointed out that a Common Service Centre will soon be functional to have a better communication with regards to electoral roll revision from all part of the state in order to carry out the task more swiftly. Mr Ashish Kundra also urged all Political party representatives and other NGOs of the state to cooperate and assist the CEO office and election department and staff at all levels wherever and whenever necessary so that Revision of electoral roll bear a successful result.

The Pre-Revision activities of electoral roll will commence from 01.08.2019 with Electors verification programme wherein a voter can self verify his details through Voter Helpline mobile app, NVSP portal, Common Service Centre or submitting a hard copy of filled up forms through BLOs to EROs. House to House verification will be carried out from 01.09.2019 to 30.09.2019 by the BLOs where information/details of un-enrolled/dead/shifted electors will be collected. Publication of Integrated draft electoral roll is expected to be done on 15.10.2019 and the Final publication of electoral roll will be carried from 01.01.2020 to 15.01.2020 as decided by the ECI.


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