The Governor of Mizoram Lt. Gen. (Retd) M M Lakhera addressed the people of Mizoram on the occasion of the Independence Day. His address was broadcasted on All India Radio and telecasted on Doordarshan and local TV channels. 
Greeting the people of Mizoram on Independence Day, the Governor expressed hope that the sacrifices made, the courage and selfless devotion, which our freedom fighters had for the cause of the motherland, would continue to be an inspiration for all. He said that the best tribute we can offer to them would be to rededicate ourselves to the ideals they fought for and work towards fulfilling their dreams of a democratic and progressive India. In his address, the Governor also paid tributes to the Armed Forces and other Security Forces in maintaining the territorial integrity of our country.

In his address, he condemned acts of terrorism and extremism and said that such acts hinder progress and developmental activities in the country and urged people to condemn such heinous acts.

The Governor congratulated the dedication of people of Mizoram in making it an "island of peace" in the North-East. He praised the united efforts and the burning desire to achieve by the people due to which "Cheraw" found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records on 12th March 2010. He conveyed his appreciation to the people for their cooperation in the First Phase of the Census of India 2011 during 15th May - 30th June 2010.

He said that the state is poised on the launch pad to greater economic prosperity through the "Comprehensive and Integrated Socio-Economic Development Project under the New Land Use Policy (NLUP)" of the Government of Mizoram, approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs. Saying that the success of the project rests largely on the active participation of the people, he urged them work with enthusiasm and dedication.

The Governor pointed that Youth - who are the future of the state and the nation need to be nurtured and encouraged to enhance their skills. He hoped that the Rajiv Gandhi Sports Stadium, would go a long way in promoting talented youths to even international levels. He added that the Sainik School which will be established in Chhingchhip would provide access to students of the state in getting quality education.

He appreciated the efforts of the Church leaders, YMA, MHIP, MUP and other voluntary organizations for taking initiatives for the betterment of society, especially their battle against drugs and other addictive substances.