On 13.11.2009 at about 10:00 A.M, one Zarzokima (18) s/o Lalngilneia of Bungthuam was shot dead by unidentified persons at a distance of about 1 km north of Bungthuam Village. The unidentified persons left a note claiming that the Bru Revolutionary Union (BRU) is responsible for the killing, that they are against the repatriation of the Brus without finding a proper solution to the Bru problems and that they would fight against the State Government till their political demands are fulfilled. In this connection, Kanhmun Police Station Case No. 23/09 Dt. 13.11.09 u/s 302 IPC r/w 25(l)B(a)/27(l) Arms Act had been registered and investigation is going on.

On receipt of information of this unfortunate incident O.C Kanhmun PS as well as the SDPO Kawrthah immediately rushed to Bungthuam. Meanwhile, S.P, Mamit also was sent to take stock of the incident and the situation. As soon as the news of this unfortunate incident was received, the State Govt. immediately took all necessary steps. The nearby Border Out Posts as well as all the Police Stations and Police Out Post were alerted and directed to take steps for apprehending the miscreants immediately.

While the Police were taking all out efforts to apprehend the murderers, the people of Bungthuam and the people of neighboring Mizo villages expressed their outrage and their desires to apprehend the miscreants themselves. In the process, some extreme elements set ablaze houses of the following villages as shown below:-

        Name of Village    No. of Houses            Date    
1.    Bajirungpa Veng     -    20                -    13.11.09    
2.    Bukvannei        -    12 (abandoned)        -    14.11.09    
3.    Damdiai            -    7                -    14.11.09    
4.    Damparengpui         -    3                -    14.11.09    
5.    New Eden        -    91                -    14.11.09    
6.    Kolalian            -    65                -    14.11.09    
7.    W. Bunghmun         -    20                -    14.11.09    
8.    Mualthuam        -    20 (43 non Bru houses)-    14.11.09    
9.    Tumpanglui        -    32                -    14.11.09    
10.K. Sarali        -    42                -    15.11.09    
                Total                      312 + (43)            
Presently, there are 7 Border Out Posts, 5 Police Stations and 1 Police Outpost in Mamit District. Following the incident, armed personnel from 3rd IR Bn. were sent to the following villages as indicated below for the safety and security of the villagers :-

1. Bungthuam                -    2 Platoon
2. Damdiai                    -    1 Platoon
3. Tuidam                    -    1 platoon
4. W. Phaileng/Damparengpui    -    1 platoon
5. Bawngva                    -    1 Platoon
6. Tumpanglui                -    1 Platoon
7. Damdiai                    -    1 Platoon
8. Kolalian                    -    1 Platoon
9. Tuirum                    -    1 Platoon
10. Daphhuah                -    1 Platoon
11. Salem Bording            -    1 Platoon
        Total                -    12 Platoon

In addition to the above, 61 IR personnel were sent to Mamit yesterday evening i.e. 14.11.2009 and additional 190 personnel of the same battalion were sent to Mamit District this morning i.e. 15.11.09.

The victims of the unfortunate arson are taking refuge under Police protection at the following villages :- Kolalian, Mualthuam, Damdiai and Damparengpui.

Pu L. Hrangnawn, DIG (NR) was sent this morning i.e. 15.11.09 to Mamit to supervise the overall Police deployment. Pu John Neihlaia, Commandant 3rd IR Bn. was sent on 13.11.2009 to Mamit to assist S.P, Mamit in the maintenance of law and order in the district and subsequently Pu F.Lalhuliana, Commandant, 4th IR Bn. was also sent this morning i.e. 15.11.2009 to Mamit.

Pu Lalrokhuma Pachuau, IPS, the DGP, Mizoram had already apprised the DGP, Tripura to take steps for the security of the Mizo settlers of Zampui Range, Tripura against possible retaliatory action of the Brus in Tripura. Pu Lalthafamkima, Dy. CO, 1st Bn. MAP was also sent to Zampui to liaise With the Tripura Police. New Kawnpui BOP, located at the Mizoram-Tripura border is also re-enforced with additional 1 (one) platoon of 3rd IR Bn.

Immediate necessary actions are being taken to rehabilitate helpless victims of the unfortunate incidents. All efforts are being made by D.C, Mamit in this regard. A meeting of important State officials is being convened by the Chief Secretary at his residence today i.e.15.11.09 at 3:00 P.M to discuss the crisis and the steps to be taken for rehabilitation.


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