During the past few days, there have been rumours of attempt to kidnap Mizo children by non-Mizos in three different locations, viz, Keitum, Serchhip District on Dt. 18.9.2019, South Lungpher, Lawngtlai District on Dt.30.9.2019 and Kolasib on Dt. 1.10.2019. Several posts were found in social media regarding such alleged attempt to kidnap of minors by non-Mizos and such posts went viral in social media. However, information has been received that such alleged attempt to kidnap are unfounded or resulted out of communication gap or lack of concrete evidences. Again, on Dt. 1.10.2019, two non-Mizos selling Pressure Cooker in and around Bungzung village were apprehended by VDP of Bungzung on suspicious grounds. Following subsequent action taken by Champhai Police found that there is no evidence to indicate attempt to abduct or kidnap of children. It may be noted that there is no evidence on alleged non-Mizos roaming around the state of Mizoram with intent to abduct or kidnap minors. Therefore, Mizoram police appealed all to remain calm and not to be misguided by baseless and unconfirmed messages in social media. Mizoram police personnel are being put on high alert round the clock to prevent such untoward incident.